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The Holsell Real Estate platform is designed with the future in mind.  Our platform allows clients to transact business online through virtual meetings, our social media platform, and our blockchain and smart contracts technology.  Visit our “How Holsell Works” page for more information.

Leasing, Buying, and Selling Services

Holsell Real Estate has a unique client centric sales & marketing model for your commercial property. We believe it's not the 10 big things a company does right. The difference between good and great are the 1000's of little things a company does to satisfy its clients.

Property Management

We partner with Florida Commercial Group to help manage your commercial property with the care and attention it deserves. Although Holsell and Florida Commercial Group are separate companies, they have a very similar mindset when it comes to taking care of their client's needs. We are constantly bringing ideas to our client's attention to help them sell their property for more or save on taxes.

Property Listing

Our Property listing platform will always be free buyers, sellers, brokers, and other real estate professionals. We also have other services to help real estate professionals grow their business. Our platform is built on the latest blockchain technology that will allow you to do your entire transaction online from buying to selling, listing or auction, virtual tours, and even an online 1031 exchange platform to redeploy capital as quickly as possible.


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